Corporate Wellness Programs

Invest in the success of your company by enhancing the health of your workforce. Studies of corporate wellness programs have shown that disease prevention strategies can result in reduced costs of care, improved productivity and increased employee satisfaction. Our Corporate Wellness programs include health assessments, education and ongoing counseling. Our goal is to encourage each employee to:
· Minimize their health risks
· Discover their optimal health goals
· Strive to create and maintain optimal health

How The Program Works

1. Baseline Individual Assessments
2. Optimal Health Services: education, consultation, and challenges that help your employees reach their goals
3. Data Maintenance gives you a picture of how your company is doing
4. Strategic Programs are designed for your organization

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate Wellness programs are generally structured to improve the overall health of the workplace through various health assessments, education and ongoing counseling to encourage employees to minimize their health risks.

The Corporate Wellness Team at SDSM is not satisfied to simply minimize health risk, we strive for optimal health for our clients. We believe that health is more than freedom from disease. We see life as an adventure, worthy of preparation in order to live life to its fullest.

Corporate Wellness programs have demonstrated healthy returns on investment through disease prevention and resulting reductions in the cost of care. They also tend to improve productivity and increase satisfaction levels among employees.

Why Invest in Corporate Wellness?

· Combat escalating health care costs
· Realize a return on investment
· Reduce employee absenteeism
· Spend less on healthy employees
· Reduce employee turnover
· Improve productivity and morale