San Diego Sports Medicine Executive Health & Corporate Wellness is pleased to present our comprehensive Wellness Program. We are a team of board-certified family and sports medicine physicians, working with a professional staff of exercise physiologists, nutritionists, athletic trainers and medical assistants. We welcome your interest, and hope we can serve as your personal resource for health and well-being.

We have developed a unique educational approach to wellness that will provide you with the tools necessary to establish and maintain optimal health and wellness for a lifetime. Our program starts with a comprehensive physical that addresses virtually every aspect of your health and identifies potential health risks. We will create an individualized strategic plan to modify these risks and set you on course toward a truly healthy lifestyle.

SDSM Corporate Wellness programs encompass a wide range of services from simple corporate newsletters to detailed comprehensive health assessments, ongoing education programs, and real-time data reports. Various health assessments, education and counseling are conducted with the goal of encouraging each employee to take steps to minimize health risks and prevent disease.

In our Executive Health and Corporate Wellness programs, we are not satisfied to simply minimize health risks; we strive for optimal health for our clients. Whether you’re ready to start taking regular walks around the neighborhood or you’re planning to bike through France next summer, life is always an adventure. To be prepared is to be healthy.